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Fire Damage Restoration

24 Hour Flood Rescue Richardson is a standard name of quality that the people of Richardson city have trusted for many years. We have been providing excellent water damage clean up services with great professionalism and excellent results. That’s why our name is known throughout the Dallas and Collin county as one of the most reliable water damage restoration companies.

24 Hour Flood Rescue Richardson is proud to announce that we are now providing top of the line, fire and water damage restoration. We have extended our services to fire damage because our aim is to be the leader in the restoration industry.

With our years of experience in water damage clean up services, we are confident that we’ll be able to provide excellent fire restoration services as well. Your home will be restored to its original pre-fire condition after we perform fire clean up and smoke damage smell removal services.

What Does Fire Damage Entail?
Fire damage causes damage on a lot of levels. Some you can see and some you can’t. The visible damage is pretty apparent as the ceiling and walls will appear significantly blackened. A lot of furniture will have a yellowish color and metal objects will start to corrode exponentially. If action isn’t taken in time, a lot of objects in the fire affected home will discolor permanently because of soot.

The non-visible damage however requires a professional eye. Fire has devastating effects on the overall structure of a house, building or a small apartment. There is a huge possibility that there is structural damage to your property which can lead to hazardous living standards.

What We Can Do for You
24 Hour Flood Rescue Richardson is all about professionalism and hard work. Our specially trained professionals will help you restore your home back to its pre-fire condition. Our 24 hours round the week services helps us reach you within 30minutes, no matter when the emergency has occurred.

We evaluate and examine your house in detail, making sure that whatever damage the fire has caused is identified. Not only do we cleanup the fire damage but also the soot and smoke, making sure no evidence of fire is left so that in the future if you sell the home, you won’t have any problems.
After we seal the house, we start smoke remediation. One of the biggest challenge is to clean ceilings with smoke residue and our experts can handle anything. Our standard industrial grade smoke damage smell removal, air scrubbers and fogging equipment do the job very effectively.

Why 24 Hour Flood Rescue Richardson
24 Hour Flood Rescue Richardson is a bonded and insured company which is licensed by the CSLB. We also have IICRC industrial grade certification.

Here are the services that we provide:
● Applied Microbial Remediation
● Fire & Smoke Restoration
● Carpet Cleaning
● Applied Structural Drying
● Odor Control
● Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning
● Water Damage Restoration

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