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Fire and Smoke Damage

Even small fires can be incredibly destructive to your home – and not just because the fire itself. After the fire has been extinguished, soot and ash will be left behind. The soot and ash are very acidic and will eat away at your property causing further damage. If water was used to put out the fire, then the water can also cause damage and mold growth.

Don’t let the damages get worse. Call us for immediate fire and smoke damage cleanup services. We are available 24/7 and will arrive in 30 minutes or less.

The Timeframe for Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup
Unfortunately, many people don’t start the fire and smoke cleanup process right away. This is understandable since a fire is a very stressful event. Many would rather rest and worry about cleanup the next day. But waiting even 1 day can mean serious damage to your property.

Smoke contains many particulate matter which gets onto all surfaces. The particulates can quickly stain surfaces permanently. Just as dangerous is the soot and ash left over from the fire. These too will travel throughout the air and come to rest on surfaces. The soot and ash are very acidic and will eat away at the surfaces. Not only will this cause staining, but can literally destroy certain materials such as linoleum, plastics, and metals. If left long enough, soot can even etch glass!

The bottom line? Call for fire and smoke cleanup services as soon as possible. Richardson Water Damage also specializes in fire and smoke cleanup, as well as cleaning up any water which was used to put out the fire.

Cost of Fire and Smoke Cleanup
We understand that no one plans on having a fire occur, and so many people aren’t prepared financially for the expenses. However, we also want to emphasize that cleanup should begin right away. The longer you wait to begin the cleanup process, the greater the damages will be and the more it will cost.

The costs of fire and smoke damage cleanup are often covered under homeowners insurance. Richardson Water Damage has experience working with insurance providers and can help you through the claims process. We even document the damages, provide reports, and will meet with insurance adjusters. If you do not have insurance or do not wish to file a claim for the fire damages, take comfort in the fact that we offer fair rates and will always openly explain all costs in writing before we begin cleanup.